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You want to enjoy the video and content on Hulu, the only problem is you are in Canada. You might have read several other websites with this hack or that hack to allow you access to Hulu, but eventually they all get blocked or fail. There is only one way to watch Hulu from Canada and that is through one of our recommended VPN services that offers servers in the United States. There are several very good VPN services that you can use to connect to Hulu and the many other web services in the United States that are only available to Internet users with IP addresses based in the United States.

The following services are our top picks for VPN services for watching Hulu in Canada.

Rating Service Price Details  
#1 HideMyAss $11.50/month OpenVPN: Yes
Unlimited Traffic
No Setup
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#2 StrongVPN $7.00/month OpenVPN: Yes
Unlimited Traffic
140 servers in 15 countries
Fast speed
Excellent support
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#3 HideIPVPN $5.99/month OpenVPN: Yes
Unlimited Traffic
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#4 OverPlay $9.95/month OpenVPN: Yes
Unlimited Traffic
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#5 BananaVPN $14.99/month OpenVPN: Yes
Watch Hulu outside the USA
Stay anonymous and secure with 128bit encryption
Use on unsecure wifi networks like cafes, hotels etc.
No limits on uploads or downloads
P2P and other illegal usage it not allowed
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Sign up for a VPN service today and not only can you watch Hulu from outside the US, you will be able to take advantage of the many other benefits of using a VPN.

  • Increase your online security – Because a VPN encrypts all of your Internet traffic you do not have to worry about people intercepting and snooping on your Internet traffic. Makes using public wifi actually safe to use.
  • Anonymous internet identity – When using a VPN server your actual IP address is hidden behind your VPN IP address making your Internet usage anonymous.
  • Government level security – Your Internet use will be encrypted using the same standards that many governments and businesses use worldwide.
  • Bypass censorship – Not only will you be able to access blocked websites like Hulu, you no longer will have to worry about blocked ports or your ISP traffic shaping your Internet access.
  • Works with all applications – A VPN will work with all Internet applications on your computer or network if you configure your router.

Each VPN service is slightly different and offer different levels of service so be sure to check that the service you want to sign up for offers you the level of service that you need.

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